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Biologically derived airborne contaminants are almost everywhere, however several factors must be present for these propagules, specifically fungi to grow and reproduce. Fungi require a source of nutrients, water/moisture and appropriate temperatures to proliferate. Anything of organic origin, including building materials, are susceptible to fungal growth if moisture is present. Fungal species known to cause indoor air quality problems will grow on substrates favorable for their development such as consistently wet or damp cellulose mediums. Fungal propagules can grow and flourish in moist areas, even where visual identification or confirmation has not been established.

All fungal propagules have the potential to cause adverse health effects. Fungal agents produce allergens, irritants and in some cases, toxins that may cause reactions in humans. The types and severity of symptoms depend, in part, on the types of fungal contaminants present. The fungi most often associated with indoor air contamination include Alternaria, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Chaetomium, Aureobasidium, Stachybotrys and Trichoderma.

People’s reaction to fungal exposure is quite varied, and although anyone can be affected, some people may be more susceptible and at greater risk, including infants and children, the elderly, pregnant women, individuals with respiratory conditions and asthma, individuals with allergies and persons with weakened immune systems.

Do You Have Moisture or Microbial Problems in Your Facility?

Mould Inspection in Edmonton

If you believe you may have a moisture problem at your home, Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd. can conduct an investigation and mould inspection in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. During this investigation, we do a complete visual inspection of any accessible areas of your home. We look for potential water penetration and search for visible signs that mould is growing in your home. Sometimes devices such as moisture meters are used to help identify areas of mould growth. Mould inspections are very important to the overall health of your family as mould growth can cause poor indoor air quality leading to allergies or illnesses.

Mould Testing

If any areas of potential mould growth are found during the investigation, Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd. can also complete mould testing in the Edmonton area. Samples are taken from the home and sent to a lab for testing. We use only certified laboratories with a proven track record for sample analysis. This analysis will then tell us what type of mould is present and whether it is harmful and needs to be removed. Our fully qualified team has high standards and ensures that sampling is conducted in accordance with standard methods and protocols outlined by the ACGIH, AIHA, and Health Canada.

We offer a full list of contamination services, including:

  • Fungal and moisture investigations
  • Air quality sampling
  • Spore trap sampling (results within 24 hours)
  • Culturable sampling and toxigenic species identification
  • Bulk and surface sampling
  • Wall-cavity sampling
  • Training and education
  • Remediation design and project management

If you suspect there may be mould growth in your home, please contact us today to schedule an inspection. We can help you determine what type of mould, if any, is present and remove it safely if necessary.

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