Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd.: Celebrating Over 20 Years of Excellence

Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd. (CEC) provides Alberta-wide indoor air quality monitoring, consulting, and abatement services throughout Alberta. Our team manages hazardous material removal projects involving lead, mould, PCBs, CFCs, mercury, radioactive components, as well as asbestos abatement for Edmonton and throughout Alberta. 

The management of these abatement projects includes:

  • Pre-demolition/disturbance assessments
  • Specification development
  • Daily monitoring
  • Reporting

CEC is a government-recognized training agency for the "Occupational Health and Safety for the Asbestos Worker" certification course in Alberta. CEC recently celebrated its 20 year anniversary. Our Edmonton office of 7 staff members includes Canadian Registered Safety Professionals, Certified Engineering Technologists, Certified Microbial Consultants, Level I Thermographers — all holding post-secondary education degrees.

If your project requires the removal of lead, mould, PCBs, CFCs, mercury, or radioactive components, contact Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd.

The Trusted Source for Asbestos Testing in Edmonton and All of Alberta

Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd. is certified in the field of asbestos testing. Edmonton and Alberta businesses can always rely on our team to provide a thorough investigation before any type of abatement procedure begins. Conclusive asbestos testing for Edmonton businesses means costly, unnecessary missteps are avoided, while also allowing our team to focus our attention on areas truly in need of asbestos abatement. Throughout our investigation, your project manager will be kept up to speed on our findings and the progress of our investigation.

If you are prepping a structure for demolition, renovation, or alteration and you suspect asbestos, call Cascade Environmental Consulting to speak with a specialist.

About Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd.

Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd. (Cascade) has been providing occupational health, safety and hygiene consulting services to the private and public sectors across Western Canada for over 20 years. Our services include:

Contact Cascade Environmental Consulting Ltd. for environmental and occupational services across Western Canada.

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